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Hi Bob
I have to run but I will answer later.
FWIW, I was NOT.....NOT... talking about Kuroda's art. All of our arts have good and not so good stuff in them. I was referring to IS and what he does with weapons and jujutsu that I have seen. That is a much more narrow discussion and I don't want people getting the mistaken impression that I think his entire art is no good-please!!. That is most certainly NOT how I feel.
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That's fine. Can you cite the thread; I'd like to read it.

Well, sure. It represents one of the fundamental differences between 'hard' and 'soft' approaches, right?

I haven't done any in-depth historical study (Chris has maybe), but perhaps ukemi has changed over the lifetime of aikido. It could be conceivable that "slapping as conditioning" was one of the original uses, (bearing in mind that the IS influence into JMA's might not necessarily be via the soft routes)

I think I saw Tohei (?) write that the end result of extensive aikido training is meant to be a pliable, responsive and injury resistant body; something like ukemi could very nicely fit that role if done in moderation. In which case, ukemi is not so much useless as it is fundamental body conditioning.

Well, my understanding is that Kuroda's interest in 'ukimi' (floating body) has some cross over to the kinds of power generation seen in his empty hands work. Certainly, the idea that 'you throw as if you were generating ukemi' isn't new.

Do you dispute the general idea or Kuroda in specific, and why (specifically)?

For reference's sake, here's the essay and video -
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