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Re: warped perceptions

Mike Lee (mike lee) wrote:
As I said before -- there are more solid facts in the story than any of the posters have provided to debunk the story. I would have to be absolutely insane to believe any of the posters on this thread that say the story can't be true and yet provide no evidence for such a presumption.


I never once said that I believed the story was true -- I only asked posters who believed that the story wasn't true, to provide some solid reasons to support their opinions. Thus far, there have been none.
I think the dissenting point is that eyewitness testimony does not constitute "fact". You have only a story, no "facts", no documentation of the shooter's identities, the weapons used, the conditions, the actual distances, etc. Even Shioda Shihan could not relay exactly what happened. He is, by his own admission, unsure. If the only support for your belief is Shioda Shihan's tale, that's fine. I have no interest in trying to alter your faith in his veracity. I also don't have to agree with you.

I beleive that Ueshiba O'Sensei was an exemplary martial artist, whose skills were likely unrivaled in his time. The laws of physics, however, restrain even his abilities.


Mors certa, hora incerta
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