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Re: Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

"From the emptines (mu) comes the power which creates a waza"
How does the power come? What do you do exactly?

if no movement or intention, how do you proposing the kuzushi on contact?

If your intention is to create "kuzushi" your opponent will feel your movement
If your intention is to do a "waza" your opponent will feel the waza

By making contact with uke, you take the empty space in uke's body to prevent him from moving (locking him up), by aligning your body and stretching (but not moving) you create power (not pulling in power, raw muscle power). This power can be used as kuzushi and waza (for example learned by kata training). If you start with a mind and body full of techniques, you will lose.
I must say this is quite difficult to explain with words.

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