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Re: Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

Ernesto Lemke wrote: View Post
- what does this information offer you?
My thoughts about "what aiki-do is" and my search on the matt, my tries to find out practically "what aiki-do is" finally get connected to the words of the "founder" of "what aiki-do is". And get connected to the world, this "founder" lived in.

For me since some time what I am looking for and trying to find in my practice often did not fit in the words of Ueshiba as they are to read in the books behind me in my book-shelf.

- in what way does this cause a change?
In my case I experienced a major change in my view of aikido when I first met Endo sensei. By now I think he does not do what is labled "IS" here. But at least he is on the same journey. And what he teaches changed my way of thinking and doing completely.

Listening to Endo's talking about aiki-do as dao I started to practice a "small form" o" qi gong. I found a set of exercise which I know from the beginning of my aikidol life. And which I could fill in now in a deeper - but not new - way.

So when I read Chris' blog, I don't get exited because it is new to me and changes everything. And that means I don't have to discuss it or to question it or to change something.

But I get exited because I finally read what has been there but had no clear words. Had no connection to Ueshibas words. I finally can connect what I actually think and do to what has been thought and done before.
I read, I say to myself: "Yyyyyyyyyes!!!". I copy it, formatize it nice, print it and put in my bookshelf.
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