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Opinions on Doyu gi's

Hi all,

I have trained with Bujin gi's for the past 5 years, but my current gi's are finally shredding beyond a level acceptable to use in class. Repair is impossible...they are just giving out. I liked Bujin because of the quality and their ability to customize with little expense in the areas of full cut pants, hemming,etc.

After a few emails with the new Bujin (aikido24), I have decided to venture elsewhere. I was strongly considering the Doyu products and was hoping to get opinions from current users.

1.) How is the lightweight (summer) honeycomb gi? Is it durable and worth the expense? I ask because I train in south Texas and it is perpetually summer down here. Also, how bad is the shrinkage?

2.) Do you recommend the standard jacket or the honeycomb jacket?

3.) How do the premium pants compare to swain single-weave pants? How bad is the shrinkage?

4.) Lastly, do others recommend strongly any other gi manufacturers as being superior to Doyu and, thusly, ones I should consider? Anybody with comparative experience with Nine circles?

I realize everybody has an opinion and probably 3 people have 3 opposing opinions. I just need a little advice. Gi's get pricey for quality, but I want something that will last, look good, and work well in class.

Thanks in advance,

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