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Right, no skill in ukemi is required to fall for someone when they can't really throw in the first place. Sempai says ... sensei says ... plain old fashioned conditioning (in the psychological sense like the drooling dogs).

That is why I really like Sunday free practice or after class free practice - no free falls then.
and isn't that how it's supposed to be, internal or external? You progress, you get stronger, you get better and it gets harder for everyone to make those things happen? If you manage to put it all together or uke just isn't strong enough to provide much resistance, how is ukemi NOT the end result? Obviously if you don't put it all together and can't maintain proper control through the technique it stops, you say "ah, almost got you" and you do it again and again and again and again. Uke and nage using the same body training (edit: and sensitivity) to both attack and execute technique, resisting, improving, getting better. A kata based, semi-alive and hopefully internal equivalent to 20 reps on the ab machine, rowing machine and leg machine rolled into one... kinda...

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