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Re: Should obese aikidoka do break falls?

My apologies, I hope everyone's day is a pleasant one. I would like to continue.

As I see it there is no elevated risk to obese students over other students. You gauge their activity based on what they can physical do. You don't have new students taking hard ukemi on day one. Students not dealing with obesity will of course progress faster in taking ukemi. Body fat does limit physical activity, it also cushions the body. Very thin people with low body fat are at a higher risk of injuring a bone if the fall incorrectly.

People with body fat do have padding in places muscles don't protect. As far as people at risk of heart attack, thin people get heart attacks too. Some months ago, a well known runner died of a heart attack while running. If genetics control your cholesterol and blood pressure, and a clot breaks lose from taking a fall, you are in trouble, fat or not. Or if that artery is clogged, and you didn't properly hydrate, fat or not your in trouble.

Obesity is "a" contributing factor. Not the only one. If I had my druthers being fat or genetics, I wouldn't want both, I would take Obesity to a point. Obesity does cause other serious health issues, and does increase the risk. Unlike genetics, obesity can be better managed. You can't, yet, change your genetics.

Aikido can also start or be a part of a person weight loss program. To overly caution obese people against Aikido may be taking an opportunity away from them.

Thank you to everyone who provides me the opportunity to express myself here. Good health to all.
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