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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

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You would tend to think and hope so - but IMO, you make your own destiny and sitting around waiting for it is not the way to go - if you want someone to find you, you just got to put yourself in the place they are looking

Yes, that is why I said it is a whole different matter.
Living in turn of the century Japan would have helped our search for aiki.
But i dont have a time machine.
Besides basketball is a easily defined and taught game
The people who make it a way of life, separate themselves from the people at the mall pretty quickly.
Eat , sleep , sh*t, B ball and you get good.
We can train "Aiki"like crazy, but we have to be rechecked by the few new coaches we have found to make sure we are doing it right.
The work ethic is more than half the battle(maybe , maybe not) but it is the starting point to most good learning.
"make your own destiny/ or luck" , I am a big fan of this , so far though, I am 50/50 at it.
Stuff happens even with the good work ethic. Good and Bad
Abraham Lincoln's quote applies here,
"There are no extraordinary men, only men who place themselves into extraordinary circumstances"
too which I would add(if I may be so bold), "Over and over again"


A day will dawn when you will yourself laugh at your effort. That which is on the day of laughter is also now.
Ramana Maharishi
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