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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Jackie Adams wrote: View Post
Hello Mr. Steckel, I hope your day is going well.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I believe you are correct that there is much documented on Takeda's life. What is recorded talking about Takeda's aiki it is too vague for an exact definition we need. Takeda's aiki is a mystery. It is lost to time as his students have passed away. No one made the attempt to record it for the purpose of exacting a purposeful definition. Takeda's aiki is ambiguous to us today, for now. Someday, maybe, some evidence may arise that defines Takeda's aiki. The evidence will be definitive and not speculative. It will not be another party's account. Yes, we know much about Takeda's life. Defining aiki as originally conceived by Takeda well that isn't possible, well publicly for now. I am not holding my breath.

Thank for allowing me a response.
Hello Jackie,

You must have a Customer Relations/Service background - you are way too polite for this type of environment; loosen up a bit and start using people's first names

As far as Takeda's aiki is concerned, I think more of it is becoming clear due the efforts of some folks revisiting old translations and looking at them from a renewed perspective based on other knowledge of aiki and IS/IP that has been coming to light from those actively pursuing the internal skills.

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