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Re: your number one technique

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almost squarely frontal? what sort of irimi-nages have you been doing?
Again, don't ever use iriminage in a real fight. It won't work. The only thing you need to do in order to find out, is to use it in a real situation - were it ever to happen to you: you will find out there, for the first time, that it won't work.

Usually you don't find yourself frontal to your opponent because you do iriminage in the dojo, where uke follows you in the fictional setting of the dojo. But if you iriminage in a real situation, you will find yourself almost (actually i wrote: almost) squarely frontal.

I know that it may sound weird if a person has attemtped an iriminage only in dojos, where it invariably works. But in a real situation, you will find yourself nearly frontal and that it never works unless you're a god at it.

This happens as follows:
1) your foe attacks you, normally with punches in a real situation. Let's imagine he is not totally naive and rather than hooks he goes with straights (way more dangerous than hooks, because their trajectory uses the shortest route to you: a competent attacker uses those only)
2) the first thing you do is to withdraw.
3) he keeps coming, again throwing jabs and rights.
4) you attempt to go lateral, brushing aside one of his incoming punches.
5) as you go lateral, he has already rechambered (this is a thing that you will never learn in a dojo). You have no control on his arm! The way he rechambers is forceful, fast, and very powerful in a real situation.
6) you have now your hand on his neck, to find only then and there that the amount of resistance that the hips and shoulder and neck of a real adversary is fierce and incredibly tough - actually, it cannot be overcome.
7) as you realize he did not bend in the least, you have your arm on his neck unusable.
8) it is at this point that your foe is even more pissed (sorry for the word, i think it is not too foul in English, but since that's not my native language, I am not aware of nuances at times) than before, because he realizes immediately you were attempting something, but did not work.
9) you are now at your 5th second. You are at his side with one of your arms on his neck, and that prevents that arm of yours from being used to protect yourself.
10) now your foe, who has rechambered instantly "long" ago, does something that you don't know about, because you never experience it in a dojo: you find out he is mobile on his hips and feet. Yes! And very much so!
11) your foe turns about 20 degrees towards you in order to hit you in the face. It is at this moment that you're frontal to him. He turns 20 degrees because he sees you at his side, say his right side, and he realizes you are more exposed because one of your arms is on his neck. As he immediately tries to hit you on your face with his left punch, he also turns on his hips, about 20 degrees, because he's throwing the left punch at you. You're now almost frontal, suddenly: a matter of less than a second at times.

You will be devastated because it is at close quarters, it will break your teeth or nose, instantly. His right punch will follow in less than a quarter of a second, and then you're done. The only arm you have free to protect yourself won't be enough to cope with a dual armed foe at that moment.

You may believe me or not. If you believe me, never use iriminage in a real situation.
Of course, you may not believe me - and learn it in another way. the way I did.

Use armlocks instead. You will find out you can still place an armlock even on a rechambered arm, fighting a bit your way because two arms can still control one arm, and once controlled the leverage may bend his body.

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