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Your missing the whole point. I did not say that this did not happen, nor did I say Shiodo sensei is a liar. I am saying I would like more proof then 1 person saying, yes, I saw this happen. Hey Mike, this morning when I was out jogging, I saw god. She was african american.

Look, I, 1 person, am accounting this. Therefore, it is true.

It seems to me, you say you have an open mind, but in your posts your not being open minded.

The point is, there is only one accounted witness. You realize that there are people that say the holocaust did not happen, that people did not land on the moon, that cuba is responsible for JFKs murder. If GW Bush says that IRAQ is responsible for the september 11th attacks because he saw a document from Hussein saying he ordered it. Does that make it true because Bush is the president?

I have had the same conversation with many catholics in regards to the existence of god. You take it for granted and beleive what you have been told without any tangible proof. That's not being open minded.

Maybe it's because I am a scientist and only beleive what I have solid evidence for and can reproduce.


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