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woutersp wrote:
Aiki1 wrote:
Not to me. Aikido isn't, to me, what YOU are making it out to be. And by the way, I have put much effort in over the years to understand the approach of several styles and off-shoots of Aikijujutsu - Daito ryu, Roppokai, Shidare Yanagi ryu Hakko ryu and others.

Hard and rough does NOT make Aikido "real" or "better" or "anything" in fact, just rough.
May I remind you of the fact that Daito Ryu is not an off-shoot of Aikijujutsu but the original form. Aikijujutsu, of which also originated the Aikido of Master Ueshiba through the teachings of Takeda Sokaku, was founded under the name Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu by Minamoto Yoshimitsu (aka Shinra Saburo).
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If you read my post which you quoted, I said "several styles and offshoots" - I am well aware of the history of Aikijujutsu - and, since you brought it up, there is question as to the name Daito ryu aikijujutsu, it is thought that it wasn't used as the name of the style until around the time of S. Takeda, in fact the term aikijujutsu itself was apparently not applied to the style until then, and some think that Ueshiba actually applied the term. There are many stories about this stuff.

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