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Re: Internal power in tai chi chuan

Thomas Campbell wrote "William Chen is a good source for learning (one) perspective on internal power. I'd venture to say that his understanding of internal power is developed more from his own study than on what he learned specifically from Zheng Manqing"
--I think that may be true, and I do realize that his is a very personal perspective, but I think a great place to start

one thing about master Chen is that he's been studying, and working on, and refining his ideas about body mechanics since the 1980s (he's 78 now). ie his theory of the "3 nails", his ideas on how the weight moves and how to deliver punches... see that article above (he writes a lot).

He's into tai chi being a living breathing, changing tradition. He often says that his fellow students of Zheng Manqing sometimes argue about who is doing the "real Zheng Manqing style", but that from his point of view 1) none of them are, because their all doing their own style, and 2) that there is no ultimate fixed singular right way and that we have to constantly test and improve things and do your own research, both for fighting and for teaching.

I find his articles interesting both for the bio-mechanical ideas, and for his emphasis that competitive fighting/pushing is the best laboratory to test out if what your thinking about works and also that when your opponents fight you they use their best techniques and don't hold back or hide anything, so you can receive their technique and learn thereby...

"Both his son Max and daughter Tiffany compete in MMA"
I'm not sure if they do ground grappling UFC etc... though I wouldn't be surprised, I do know that they do compete in kick boxing (san shou) and I know Tiffany boxes golden gloves too. they both teach at the school.

however I'm just a newbie and hope to start pushing soon

anyway I'm having a great time with this stuff while continuing to practice Aikido...
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