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Re: Adult Ranks for Children

Henry Sim wrote: View Post
The more muscle power required, the less it is worth.
Frank Mir "Where horsepower meets technique"

As one commenter pointed out, with most you will get choked out, with Mir you will go home with a shattered arm/leg.
Its not that power is required, its a 'finishing' move.

Point is that if you have your technique, add power to it and there is no stopping it.
[Of course there are counters, etc. - but many appear to put 'strength' to the side as if it were useless or not part of the overall picture... and that just isnt the case.]

Not saying that is what you were saying.

Belts... relative.
Great motivation for kids... and milestone markers for adults.
The key with kids is that they have fun, like with the Gracie Games... perhaps they need something like that in Aikido.
[Again, even in a dojo it can vary... its really ones own personal marker for the fun of it.]

Not sure people take it beyond that, though many do.
Like Rener Gracie said when he was teaching how to tie a belt and used a blue belt, he stated belt or no belt he is still "Rener".

Point is it is as it is and just be clear why you use or dont use it.
But for sure there are many black belts that could have their belts taken off by someone of lower rank from a sports art like BJJ, etc.



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