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Re: your number one technique

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At last !!! a good technique for all to learn. much better than " The way to handle a bully is to walk away."

Rik ( my son ) was quietly walking home from a night out.

Three yobs were giving some poor girls serious grief, as Rik approached, he politely asked ( he is always polite ) the yobs to leave the girls alone, they then turned on him, as he walked backwards stating those famous words " I don't want any trouble " which of course he knew they would take as weakness, he had his hands in the air as he walked backwards ( for possible CTV ) they attacked him, he knocked two out and the third backed off. They were punching and never made contact. Rik's only injury was a broken hand, which resulted in the cancellation of 3 forthcoming fights..He then walked the young ladies safely home.
So, walking away from bullies can be very dangerous.....

Henry Ellis
Aikido in MMA
Yeah normally it is enough to knock down one. Packs are oftentimes like that.
I assume Rik is a young man anyway. It takes a bit of time in fact to learn a golden rule that only when you are very very old and decrepit with a ver very long and white beard like mine grazing the floor: never help a lady in distress.

You may get the most heinous injuries for a lady that may not be such, and actually you may be tampering with a situation you know nothing about - are they her pushers? Or is that a love/hate situation that she is the first one to keep alive?

If you reall want to do sth, call 911.

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