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Re: Should obese aikidoka do break falls?

Alex Megann wrote: View Post
"African American"? If you are thinking of Donovan Waite, shame on you - he is one of us, from little ole England

YES, Sensei Donovan Waite. And yes shame on me for forgetting his name and thought he is one of us. In my previous dojo, one guy watched his video and learn from that. He succeeded but at a high cost. Since he did not have the opportunity to learn from Sensei Waite and you guys, his shoulder joint came slightly off the socket and became loose....pain.. Western doctor told him "such is life" and that all he can do is rest for at least 3 months or longer until the pain goes away.. I took him to a Chinese doctor who specializes in healing broken bones, twisted ankles etc. After a week of massage and external medicine, he was healed to normal. This Chinese doctor is also a martial artist from the old school. In the olden days in China, to learn martial arts, one has to first learn how to heal before he will be taught how to "kill". These doctors are very common in China, Hong Kong etc. even in U.S. Since Chinese are like flies, they are everywhere in the world (I am Chinese, so I can poke fun at myself) I will bet there are some of these guys in ole England. So much for my rambling. Anyway he succeeded and taught my daughter and she succeeded. Him and my daughter are more "natural" in Aikido than us. Many of us tried but we never could fall as well as the two of them. You guys are very fortunate to have Waite Sensei with you. Now that I am older, I can't take too many break falls anymore. However, because I learned how to fall, it actually saved me from major injury in real life more than once. Is it true that Waite sensei developed his technique because he has a bad back? Just nosy.
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