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Re: your number one technique

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with all the discussion that come up about "how effective is aikido?" or "does this really work?" what are your guy number on techniques for using

I mean using out of the dojo, either if you are playing with a person from another style or actually fighting

for me, out of my aikido arsenal i would take irimi nage, i find it fast, effective and most importantly versitlie, i can change the size of the movement from very large to very small (very small is where i would want to be using it most of the time but that is a point for another thread) also it is easy to throw in a knee or a strike during the technique

(...) but can we actually talk about practical techniques
if you cannot avoid the fight (which is indeed your first technique ever) then my tech of choice is an armlock. I want to end as soon as possibile, going lateral and trying to force a sophisticated tech is not a good idea. Grab the arm and lock it.

Aside from that, my preferred tech is kotegaeshi, if we speak of a tech irrespective of an actual fight.

ps you say that your technique in a real fight, the one you prefer, would be iriminage. Have you ever placed that on a real attacker? Say a big guy throwing punches at you?

Because if you never did, I strongly advice that you would never, never, never rely on iriminage in a real situation - you risk of finding right then that it simply does not work in a real situation like it does with ukes in the dojo.
You would find yourself puzzled and not knowing what to do for 2 or even 5 seconds (which is an eternity in a real fight), but most significantly you would find yourself placed in the most unconvenient positions (almost squarely frontal to your adversary, fully exposed to his punches from both arms, at close quarters which enhances the impact of his hits enormously and the amount of severe damage they can do, and with an arm of yours unusable, namely the one that you placed on his neck to find only right then and for the first time that he, simply, does not bend in the least).

Of course if you have already placed it in a real situation and you have an impressive ability with it, go for it. But if (if) you never placed an iriminage aganist a real attack, please consider other options.
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