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Re: The Restoration of Peace

The concept of mutually opposing activities perfectly accepts the notion that 'peace' inevitably comes and goes. War zone, of course ... peaceful times, naturally.

That is, there will always be an activity (a sum of forces if you will) that promotes disorder. And just as inevitably there will always be an activity (again, a sum of forces) that promotes harmony ... and the result is, of course, that 'peace' comes and goes, comes and goes, comes and goes. Now, perhaps you are saying that you want to throw yourself in with the sum of forces that promotes harmony, then fine, I could accept that in a heartbeat.

But to see that there is some nirvana of an absolute peace is to deny the reality of the universe. So why is that so bad? Because we then inevitably make this quantum leap into accepting some absolute spiritual side of ourselves, a side that if we can just tap into it will solve all our problems. The fact is, we cycle just like everything in the universe. Observe, observe, observe. You come and go, come and go, I come and go, come and go, the world comes and goes, comes and goes. The only absolute is that everything is in flux.

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