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Ronny Tromp
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Real Highest Ranking

I wanted to ask for you to analyze this?
It's about the real highest ranking instructor under Steven Seagal (at any time!)
There is an instructor in California claiming to be the highest ranking student, but isn't. He started training with Seagal Sensei in the US. The real highest ranking one is (even though he's not with Seagal Sensei no more) is Haruo Matsuoka Sensei. He started very young and was there from the beginning.
So please, I ask you to pay attention to this.
Also this other instructor in California is also very arrogant, every other teacher is bad expect him and Seagal Sensei.
Everybody is bad except himsel,...
He has to look in a mirror before pointig his finger to others!

bye bye and thanks!!
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