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Re: your number one technique

#1 [Drum Roll]
Hijikime Osae / Rokkyo
So effective its used in B.J.J. [a.k.a. "Standing Armlock"]

#2 [Former favorite]
Kote Gaeshi
Ura if possible as this leaves the option for #1, [Rokkyo/Standing Armlock], then you can finish off with Kote Gaeshi.

note: In ura ukes arm is not outside of mine.
My arm goes inside, allowing for optional switch to elbow to pressure point, keeping arm centered and always in the direction of my face, movement goes downward and easily switches to Rokkyo for control and then into a smooth backstep for Kote Gaeshi.

note 2:
Before taking a 2 year hiatus, after three years of training [approx] I was able to take Kote Gaeshi and pin a guy in the grappling portion at the local Thai Boxing class. [These are not professional grade BJJ artist, though the instructor is a top notch Thai Box champ]

You can call it Omote, but we were both on the ground when I pulled it off.

side note: I had the daylights, literally, half knocked out of me for foolishly opting for traditional Aikido stance.
[Hey, at least I tried it out]

You mentioned keeping it 'real'.
Number 1 is probably the only technique you have a real chance with in a sport competition such as MMA, BJJ, etc. [Its been done]

Number 2 less likely, but people like myself do surprise people and pull it off.

Other than that, other techniques that work cant really be 'set up' in a live situation where the pressure is on from two talented competitors.

Least Favorite:
I find this the most annoying as many people try to force the test version to work and dont understand why it doesnt and causes everyone a hard time when resistance comes in.

You have to take center/balance, with any technique, and a lot of times people rely on atemi, etc.
There are variations of this which Im prone to like more, but my favorite version ends up using the RNC [Rear Naked Choke] vs. finishing with the 'toss', whatever you want to call it.

Fun to play with
Nikkyo, Sankyo, Ikkyo
[Gokyo seems pointless the way we practice it, but I like Roy Deans gooseneck standing technique]

Yonkyo is fun when you get that bend in the arm and you put your knee on the shoulder of Uke and twist. [Starting to have the effect of BJJs Kimura, or so it seems]
Though getting the person there with any of these techniques, in a sport situation, may be hard.

Final thought:
Jodan/Chudan Tsuki are fun attacks to use techniques on, but are the most unrealistic as far as being of any practical use. Not impossible, but typically you have jabs... not lingering slow arms coming at you.



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