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Re: The Restoration of Peace

Jim Redel wrote: View Post
Inherent in most ideologies is this concept of an absolute. The way you define peace, for example, may be interpreted as the absolute of 'peace'. An absolute, that claims that if we can just 'get there', our collective problems are over, because we would all be walking the path of peace . But where is 'there' in terms on an absolute, and where does it lead?

Absolutes always imply a single direction ... without a natural cycling ... entropy ... an inexorable descent from an ordered state to a disordered state. Is this true 'peace?'

If you keenly observe the world, you will observe that all 'systems' are in fact the results of mutually opposing activities. Beginning from some quiet state, a zero state, with no evidence of activity ... pow! ... two activities appear. Call it what you will for what you are observing (expand and contract, separate and rejoin, inhale and exhale, living and dying, etc.) Early on, the expanding activity dominates and we have 'growth'. And inevitably the contracting activity dominates and we have 'decay'. And just a inevitably the activities must disappear once again into a singularity.

So, observe the universe, your life, plant life, animal life, your breathing, your thoughts. You will have to come to the same conclusion. Everything cycles, there is no absolute. So, if this cycling is the universe, how does your concept of peace 'map' into it?
O.K. Thanks for the clarification.

I'll start with 'absolute'. Seen as implying single direction....without natural cycling...may be how many look at it but it's false. Everything in the universe goes through a cycle.

If you look at the enlightened view of the physical universe it is seen that it is perfect and thus absolute. Yet in this perfect state everything follows the universal cycles....within this perfection.

So absolute thus is perfect. The truths of the universe are perfect, each and every one of them. The way they harmonize and work together are perfect, the harmony. Even in the field of physics these physical truths can only be located and worked with, harmonized with, understood, and things built and made according to.

The path of peace is thus a matter of you going through a cycle of growth in spiritual understanding for what is enlightenment but a point where all those understandings (not data) come together as one perfect understanding.

So in this spiritual cycle there are only two directions, two choices, and you must choose one of them. To increase, to grow, to follow the path to freedom or to get less and less aware and succumb and be merely a physical thing trapped in image and physical logic and thus only aware of physical things and mystery, led by an ego that says it's so intelligent and yet leads only to chaos. Thus unawareness and ego follow the path of chaos while true self follows the path of peace.

So spiritually on the disciplined path of peace the direction is one way, true expansion,

Physical 'think' is limited. Spiritual 'think' is infinite and calm.

Peace. G.
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