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Michael Hackett
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Re: Ahh..Seagal...a site you should be wasting time on

Mr. Harden, I didn't opine on his ability to throw, only his size. If he picked a person up and simply slammed him to the ground, he is big enough to really put the smack on someone and most people simply couldn't take it without injury. I would probably bet on the wrestlers as well, but I mentioned them only for their obvious ability to receive incredible falls and punishment. There may be better martial artists out there, but I still don't wanna grab ahold of him violently - that holds true for a couple of truck drivers I know, most NFL and NBA players, and a few members of the Hells Angels as well.

Now, would you furnish a link to your upcoming schedule of seminars since you are visiting here today anyway? I would really like to attend someday in the near future. Thanks in advance.

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