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Re: Ahh..Seagal...a site you should be wasting time on

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Good point Ashley, but Seagal Sensei is a seriously big guy. As I recall, he is 6-4, or 6-5 and he's got to top 300 pounds now. They're out there, but there aren't too many aikidoka of his size. Maybe some of the performers in the wrestling world could take the falls, but most professional football players couldn't.
Oh baloney on that. You have to actually be thrown before you take any falls. Not so easy to do when you are not cooperating. You want to put him up against money is on the wrestlers.
I remain distinctly unimpressed by him. There are any number of cross training aikido teachers who are good fighters who would hand him his hat.
I have to find the link to him getting tuned by old Judo Gene Labelle for talking smack about the stunt guys. Its on the net somewhere.
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