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lars beyer
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Re: Weapons in Aikido

Jim Redel wrote: View Post
Not questions, Lars, but more like reminders to myself and our club as to why we practice the aikido weapons. That is, "are we demonstrating proper balance, are we demonstrating proper angles and are we demonstrating proper breathing?"

The second set of questions are the focus of our traditional weapons (Shinkage Ryu and Muso Ryu) classes. Here, it's all about the teacher-student relationship ... the pressing teacher, never giving the student a chance to relax ... and the yielding student, ever-watchful, always responding to the teacher's attacks ... and then nothingness, the zero state, those times when the teacher and student are one.

If ever I pose a question in a post, it's always to myself.

Ok, thanks for explaining. How do you incorporate Shinkage Ryu and Muso Ryu into your practice ?
I know maybe itīs a bit of a broad question, but I think itīs interesting because I have been wondering to try more "traditional" weapons practice to get a broader understanding of sword work.
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