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Re: Elbow Power

And ok let me put it out in the open before everyone jump in at once.

He's background is Aikido, coming from Yoshinkan, Aikikai, ..., shin shin toitsu,...,Aikikai.
The ... Period would be where I think he learned DR from one of the current living teachers. My memory is bad, it could be Sagawa.

He made a point that without DR it would have been really2 hard to understand Aiki. But, as he meets more and more teachers within the Aikikai circle who demonstrate their own understanding of Aiki, things that they rarely if ever display in public, he has come to believe that the Aiki of Aikido is different than in DR and the ryu before.

Also, it's hard to learn. Of his hundreds of students, only two have shown measurable competency in Aiki. The rest of the yudanshas are able to do some tricks, but not all and not necessarily well. They still are a damn sight better than a lot of ppl I see on the mat today but hey, relative I guess.

So, I know you keep saying what you are teaching is easy to learn Dan. Maybe you've figured out a good way to teach and all that. For one thing though, if DR teaches Aiki and it was that easy to learn, one would have expected that DR schools would be filled with Aiki masters today. Sadly that ain't the case. Most are still doing their physical thingey. There, I've gone and done it. Flay me why don't you.

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