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Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Do you think it hasn't happened?
No contest.
IS, which is foundationally mental work.... wins hands down. I would love to meet the Aikido or Daito ryu Shihan (who doesn't cross train) capable of withstanding what someone versed in IS...and...using it freestyle, could bring to a mat. I don't think they would stand a chance. But that's okay, there are other, standards in play-such as preserving a tradition. Not everyone got the chance to go out and experiment, explore and create. The good news is that todays budo is so open and friendly compared to the past, that everyone can meet and train. Innovators can share and traditionalists can share and both can have fun learning.
I think this might be one of the best times to do Budo.
Dan, I've no idea if it has happened or not. On the other side of the scale I know of Aiki mentalists (for everyone's sake let me just say what I mean when I coined this word. Aiki mentalist here means, someone who practices Aiki from a transition of physical principles to Aiki principles. The training of which emphasizes center, extension of ki, relaxation, chushin, enshin, shuchu, awase, musubi and the ilk. Where they gradually lessen their physical manipulation, graduating to ki and later to mind and spirit. Most of anyone will not believe anything pass physical manipulation, maybe some would accept ki, but generally most will discount mind and spirit right away. Thus I coin Aiki mentalist. Not so much that they do not have sound physical skills, just that their inclination now would be on the mind and spirit side) who have been confronted by martial artists of calibre, active duty soldiers, and ppl like that, and have been able to do what they claim they can do.

As for them meeting IS specialists, no they haven't but I wish they would. It's something that I'd really really hope will happen one day. Because I truly believe it'll be a great learning experience for everybody not a proving contest.

Maybe when Dan pops by our corner of the world I could arrange some hand talking. Who knows right? Regardless I'd still attend your seminar if I ever got the chance. Just like I'll attend a Systema seminar anytime they come over here or when I'm abroad, or liq yi quan for that matter, and any Silat sessions especially maenpo'esque. I just want to understand and improve myself that's all. You guys can keep your trademarks, patents and branding cause it's no use to me. Some can tattoo aikido all over his head, and it still doesn't mean he knows squat about it after all.

Chillzatl, I hope you got that definition up there.

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