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Mike Lee (mike lee) wrote:
Once again, what facts do you have to support your arguement? Any witnesses?
He is saying, "let's suppose this was setup to promote aikido.." Not, I have solid evidence here that Osensei, in fact, did not dodge bullets. In fact, all he did was do a leaping mae ukemi and a diagonal to the shooters and covered 20 feet in 3 seconds and threw a guy. Through the smoke from the guns however, no-one saw Osensei do the ukemi, all they saw was him up and throwing one of the shooters.

Maybe shihan Shioda looked away, distracted by Osensei's wife, and/or sneezed and didn't actually see what happened. Would he admit to Osensei that he "missed" it, I think not.

Again, the point being, we are only getting one account of the story. I am not calling Shioda sensei a liar, in fact I have great respect for the Shioda line and yoshinkan, but if you base all your facts from the recollection of one person... that is not very scientific.

It was stated, simply, We would like other accounts of this. It would have been nice if the soldiers that actually did the shooting were around to give their story.

One of my distant relatives wrote a journal about how he witnessed the rebirth of christ. Christ was actually an alien and he saw the spaceship come down, moved the big rock blocking the tomb with a tractor beam, and removed the corpse and went back to space. He wrote this, therefore it must be true.

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