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Now... Wouldn't it be a surprise that all the exercises you guys are doing in developing fascia, grounding etc... Really was as simple as making your body used to taking lateral loads rather then generic strength training. And that's all it takes for people to do amazing stuff with their bodies. Specialize muscular training and unified usage of those muscles.
well, IMO, that actually IS a part of it, but certainly not all of it. Internal strength is like ogres, lots of layers. The reason so much is made by IS people about starting slow with super low resistance and building up is because you have to strengthen and condition all those little muscles (and chains) under the big muscles . The only way to do that is to avoid using the big muscles so that the little muscles can get the workout. If you try to do too much too fast, the big muscles just kick in on their own and it becomes a normal old workout. So much of strength generation and our ability to resist forces is about maximizing the friction between our feet (or body) and the ground and something about using those little muscles allows forces to pass through the body more cleanly, increasing that friction, vs. pushing from the shoulders or resisting by tighting up the chest/shoulders/back and locking the frame in an attempt to get more friction to the feet that way.
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