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Ta Kung
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What are you talking about??? I've questioned nearly all of your statements!!!
My statements, yes. The story we're discussing, no.

I'm not calling anyone a liar, but just because someone has a high grade doesn't mean that the person have all the facts. Are you really impying he can't be wrong, because he is a shian?

Maybe he saw what he said he saw, but I'm not so sure that we know everything about the story. What if, for arguments sake, it was a setup to promote Aikido? People do take money to do such pr stuff, you know. I don't buy that magic mumbo jumbo. I'm suprised you do.



PS. No, I'm not saing O'sensei was a fake. I'm just trying to explain that there might be more than meets the eye to this story. We do not have all the facts. If it occured as told, there could be something else beside magic involved...
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