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Hello all,

I've had the opportunity to train with women by travelling to seminars around the country as well as at my hometown dojo. I personally believe that as Aikido students we are all equal and should be treated as such. When I train with Aikido students who are new to the art, I work with them at a level they are comfortable with regardless of whether they are male or female. My wife and I met while studying Aikido and have been together for two years now. When we train, she expects me to treat her just as I would any other student, and I do. If she wants a strong katatori grab or shomenuchi strike, she gets it. If I were to treat her any different, she would become upset with me. I've found that the majority of the women I've trained with, regardless of rank, want to be treated equally, but at a level they are comfortable with. As a man, lowering the intensity of your attack when working with a women who is more comfortable with training in that fashion makes good sense. You don't want to scare someone away from the art. At the same time, don't get wishy washy with your technique just because your uke is a women. I believe it's important to train in a manner that both partners are comfortable with.


"Shuchu ryoku" - Focus all your energy to one point

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