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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Jackie Adams wrote: View Post
A post thought, I guess editing is timed: if some of his top students did complain about the Founder's communication skills, why did they stay? Why did they support Aikido and pioneer it? Playing pivotal roles in supporting the Founder's art? Why didn't they just walk a way shaking their heads? Some of his students where well trained martial artist before they started Aikido. Why did they train under the Founder? Why didn't they all write the Founder off as an ineffective teacher and seek Takeda or someone else? It is evident way the Founder wasn't abandon by his top students who complained about him.
  1. Some of them did walk away - Inoue, Tomiki, Mochizuki, Shioda all walked away after the war. Shirata almost did, but was begged to stay.
  2. You don't usually walk out so easily in a Japanese system.
  3. Most of the folks after the war were young kids and the day to day instruction wasn't performed by Ueshiba anyway.
  4. Other places aren't necessarily any better.
  5. Same as today - people don't know what they don't know.
  6. Love the Kool-Aid!



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