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Re: Alan Ruddock Passes Away

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
RIP to Alan and my condolences to his family and close friends.

As this generation of direct students pass on, we should re-double our efforts to not only record their histories, but to get in every opportunity as possible to train with them.

Marc Abrams
Dear Marc,
With the deaths of Sugano , Kanai, Yamaguchi ,Tohei [Akira& Koichi], Tamura Senta Yamada Sensei/s to name but a few,its up to the first generation of these men to carry the torch forward.Even these guys are dying off.People like Bill Smith, Mick Holloway, Tom Moss , Marian Mucha , Slim Coyle , George Girvan ,Pat Butler, Ralph Reynolds, Ron Myers,Sensei/s have shed their mortal coil. For myself I am not buying any new cds [might not get a chance to hear all the tracks before the Grim Reaper strikes].As it happens I was scheduled to meet Ruddock Sensei last year but a funeral [not mine , I think] made me miss the opportunity to meet him after so many years.How are you keeping , fine I hope!!?
Cheers, Joe.
Ps Sometimes after a hard day on the couch I feel half dead-hence the jocularity.Each sunrise I see is a bonus.
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