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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

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Said it before, and I'll say it again - being altruistic doesn't make you an effective instructor. Being an effective instructor makes you an effective instructor.


Hello Mr. Li,

It is kind of you that you have responded. I know I didn't go into too much detail at the start. Here goes.

The Founder was altruistic. It is obvious his best interest in mind was for only the students. This is an earmark of a good teacher, universally. He isn't going to with hold information for selfish reasons and personal gain. He wants his students to progress, to develop and be the best they can be. Whether or not they succeed him, is dependent on the student. Is the student as naturally talented as the Founder, does the student have the same work ethic, is the student, a good student who is smart and can learn quickly. The onus of effectiveness is shared by the student.

The Founder had an uncharitable and hospitable teacher, who by all standards was an ineffective teacher. He was someone who wasn't effective at all in teaching. For example, he offered no explanation when demonstrating a technique once. Also unlike the Founder, he was not committed to teaching. He didn't pen any books for his students. He didn't have a dojo, traveling and periodically teaching on an infrequent base though out Japan. Instruction was limited and in frequent with large gaps of time between sessions. Yet, the Founder was a bright student, with a good work ethic and determination, who could figure things out on his own.

The Founder's top students skill is debated unfairly by some. Those who feel the top students have fallen short in their skill can't hold that as a measure fairly up against the teaching effectiveness of the Founder. The Founder had hundreds of students who benefited and progressed. Effectiveness of teaching can't be reduced to the ability of a student to preform. No caring and devoted teacher is considered ineffective if a student doesn't go to college. Everyone knows there is an onus on the student to put forth the required effort to do well. It is the student's responsibility to learn and progress to the level they wish. Lots of time as we know, modern life reducing training time. You get out of something as much as you put into it. If you don't get anything out of it, you are in part to blame, even if your teach was really bad.

Mr.Li am not expecting you to agree or disagree, please feel at ease. I hope you don't feel the purpose of my comments is for you to do so. Please express your opinion without any expectation or distractions from me. My intention here is to answer the questions about the Founder's teaching ability. I am comfortable that I have achieved that sufficiently. Mr. Li I find your comments thought provoking and intelligent, and wish you great success. It has been a pleasure speaking with you. And I thank you for taking the time to respond.

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