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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Ueshiba trained with Takeda over a period of some 20 years - Takeda actually lived with him for 2. He had extensive contact and continuous training - that's all a matter of written record.

That's not to downplay training on your own - but "limited and short" is nowhere near accurate when describing Ueshiba's relationship with Takeda.

Whatever other great things a teacher does, whatever great ideas he has or tasks he accomplishes - his skills as a teacher have to be judged by the abilities of his students. If you can't form an opinion about that then there's no way that you'll really be able to evaluate his teaching abilities.

As I said, try searching for it - there's better than a picture, there's Shioda's signature in Kodo Horikawa's Emeiroku.


Hello Mr. Li,

Oh, I see what you mean. I was wasn't specific. I was referring to the skill level's of the Founder's uchideshi. The Founder in my opinion would be better than I to deem which of his students are better than others in this instance. For me this type of discussion makes me uncomfortable. I am not the Founder. Not saying you are doing this, but such debates tend to get allot attention that comes to no end.

How many instructional days did the Founder have under Takeda. How many hours of instruction did the Founder log in with Takeda over those decades? This is something I don't know for sure, am not a historian. It is my believe Takeda traveled constantly all over Japan teaching spending somewhere between a few days and a week or some places a month teaching large groups periodically. Sessions lasted up to 6 or more hrs at a time. I know it is said Takeda was not a personable man. Takeda's Emeiroku I believe records how many hrs the Founder logged in. I hope someone with more knowledge than I can accurately provide that proper information.

If Shioda did train with Horikawa, per the Emeiroku do you know how many hrs Shioda logged in with Horikawa? That would be fascinating to see. Because there is nothing on the net that states Shioda trained with Horikawa, I found from Shioda's school. This is said inline with the fact I am not a historian. Shioda wasn't the only student of the Founder's who I believe made the effort himself, Minoru Mochizuki.

Concluding in brief, in any form of teaching or learning independent based learning has greater benefits than being completely teacher dependent learning. Because the Founder, I believe took the latter approach, and his teachers, is proof the Founder was an altruistic teacher that guided his students and didn't make them dependent on him for knowledge.

It has been a pleasure discussing this with you Mr. Li. Have a wonderful day.

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