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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
There's a pretty good record of who Takeda produced and what they could do - Ueshiba among others. Who did the Founder produce of that level?

As I said - that's where we disagree - I think that I've seen almost all of the big names, in person, and I just don't see it, in them and (more importantly), in their students.



Sort of stating the obvious to someone who has already considered it but the biggest problem is seeing the various students and of course Ueshiba M. and Takeda themselves at comparable times. It is really hard to make comparisons especially when some are long dead and legend has taken over.

What were Takeda or Ueshiba really capable of doing - was Shioda in his prime that much less then Ueshiba? Or conversely were certain student's capable of doing things that Ueshiba could not?

I would like to think that if one produces students that gain a wide respect beyond their own limited area art than you have been a successful teacher.

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