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Allen Beebe
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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
It's meaningless to talk about creativity when your kid is flunking basic math.

Ooooooo what you said!

Requirement #1: Teacher with adequate knowledge/mastery of subject matter and ability to lay out that knowledge in a comprehendable manner. (No magic fairy dust which will learn for/or motivate students necessary.)

Requirement #2: Student of average intelligence with basic needs met (not physically or emotionally starved or abused) willing to do the work to learn.

Failure to exhibit learning indicates an absence of one reqirement or the other 99% of the time. Excuses and blame abound. But in the achievers you will not find an absence of either requirement, or the presence of excuses and blame justifying failure to achieve.

Today there may be a culture of entitlement that may be undermining. But in pre/post war Japan I sincerely doubt it, which indicates a lack of Requirement #1.

Creativity is swell, talent is swell. Mozart didn't get to be MOZART by bypassing requirement 1 and 2.

Even among genius there is a bell curve, but genius doesn't bypass the essentials. The "giants" stood on the shoulders of the knowledge passed down before them. To pretend otherwise does a disservice to both those in the past and future.

~ Allen Beebe
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