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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Shioda was actually with the Founder longer than almost anybody (except maybe Saito and Kisshomaru) - at a time when the Founder was very active.

As to how well he did - I'd suggest you look into Shioda's relationship with Kodo Horikawa.


Mr. Li. It is wonderful to read your response.

Didn't I mention Shioda having left the Founder at some point which is the same in a sense as a teacher withholding information from a student? huh? My apologies. I believe it was 8 years for Shioda and Chiba was 7 years as uchideshi. Tadashi Abe, he was a 10 year student? I am not sure if you have the opportunity to experience Minoru Mochizuki, and Kenji Tomiki? But, I would have loved to experience these greats. Who where the great senseis that you experienced if you are willing to share?

I am not familiar with that relationship. A friend of mine who studied another martial art for decades becoming the schools top student said his sensei told him once he held back the secrets of the art from him on purpose. Upset my friend protested that it was such a dishonest and diabolical thing to do. Demanding an explanation from his sensei feeling betrayed to why he withheld all the secrets of the art, the sensei replied calmly, did I really need to tell you?

Life is universal. Hard work and dedication and a mind set of perseverance has always been a recipe for success. Taking a loss and turning it into an opportunity to improve and do better, to get back on that horse when bucked off is another universal truth. The Wright Brothers, Edison and Bell are wonderful examples of people who stuck with it and figured it out on their own. The incredible achievements of these men is testimony to what is possible. The Founder too had the character and mind set to be independent. I don't think that is a luxury only afforded to the few. Everyone has the ability to achieve great skill if they are willing to put the time and energy into it. Another wonderful universal aspect of life that leads to success and the Founder is the proof.

I hope everyone had a great day.

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