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Yes, but what he's doing does not characterize the conventional Japanese method. Meaning he is focussed on principal and does not flood the students with waza. Paired practise is based on the foundation of building and reinforcing the correct body frame for marial movement. Although that has changed, and I have not been practising with the Aunkai peeps in awhile, so what I said might be an inaccurate description of what they are doing today.
Well you can correct me if I am wrong but Koryu and Gendai Martial Concepts did not evolve in a vacuum but were themselves an evolution of older Martial Arts...He may be going "back to the future" but I believe my point that Japanese Martial Arts can "evolve" and that Japanese Shihan are also incremental in this evolution proves my original point that this evolution is not a zero sum equation.

One could only speculate how O'Sensei might feel about this but I don't think he would be completely unhappy about it.

William Hazen
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