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10,000+ ryu in the Edo period, each with significant differences. Daito-ryu, a clear development/progression/adaptation of jujutsu. Judo - - - Kendo - Jukendo from jukenjutsu. Tatei (stage fighting from kenjutsu). ETc.

Oh, and modern aikido, a divergence from the aikido of Ueshiba Morihei, taking it away from a conservative, religiously clotted, hermetic pursuit open only to a few into a modern activity that affects the life of millions.

Within aikido - Tomiki aikido, Yoshinkan, Tohei . . .

Ironically, those who are espousing an alleged "return" to the aikido of Ueshiba Morihei (or at least, a "return" to the kind of body education and function that he allegedly demonstrated - <note: I'm one of them, sort of>) are, actually espousing a conservative movement.

In fact, one might say, those Japanese are too damn progressive.

Ellis Amdur
Word...Well said.

William Hazen
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