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Re: Elbow Power

Let me explain myself here.

Robin, I have been here for 5 years now, almost. I do not think "negatively", but critically. I wince at the notion of the Japanese method being "progressive" or "evolving", which I think has not been defined here. That is why I asked for an explanation or evidence as to how it is. I appreciate the your patronizing comment though.

Good points. Although I am hypothesizing that the innovations and progressions that occured during the Edo period, etc. were birthed out of necessity of war. And I question whether Tohei, Shioda, Tomiki, etc. had truly made innovations in Ueshiba's art. Did it really improve upon his art? Did those systems make the principles of aikido much more easier attain or did it move away from those principles and were they built upon more superior principles? And were these principles taught in a way that they were adapted to more "modern" demands? My definition of "innovation" and "progression" rest upon these these two ideas.

Now, talking about "elbow power" and internal strength, do traditional Japanese martial artists learning the Japnese way really have a "progressive" method and can they rival some of the methods that some westerners are teaching now? If the principal is "elbow" power, how does the focus on waza and the paired practise system existing in most traditional Japanese systems help me learn "elbow" power in a way will help me protect myself on the "streets" and help me refine those methods based on these principles of elbow power to adapt to modern day versions of pressure testing (i.e., MMA, Dog Brother stick fighting, etc.)? If practising waza in pairs (waza, not exercises that focus on body development like agete, push out in aunkai, etc.) can be a detriment to developing core skills and to help me prepare for more pressured environments, can it be said that this system is "progressive" or "evolving"?

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