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Re: Stretching

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Carl, I'm a nurse. I don't have the time or inclination to bookmark, save, or catalogue all the health findings I read in real time as they get published. What registers in mind over months and years, is there an accumulation of like findings or are there contradictory findings?
So I can say that multiple studies over time shows static stretching of cold muscles offers NO benefit during or after training and can make the body more prone to microtears or strain - NOT during stretching, during the activity. The most beneficial warmup in terms of training performance and also how one feels after seems to be any brief activity that slighty raises heartbeat and warms muscles via gross movement plus movement drills that mimic the movements and engage neuromuscular responses that will be used during the training. The studies include running and team sports and include both US armed forces and collegiate teams. Cannot provide links, never keep them.
Thanks for trying to clarify that for me Janet

As I said, if we separate warming-up from stretching as part of junbi undo then we are in agreement regarding the "warming-up" part. From what you wrote here about stretching, it seems you are only talking about the dangers of doing it to cold muscles, so I am in agreement with you there too. It also seems that your studies apply mainly to cold stretching for activities that involve sport and running. I still feel in the dark regarding the dangers of "correctly" (for type, moderation and purpose) stretching a warm body for an activity like aikido.
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