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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

Ineffectiveness is defined by effectiveness. I can't help to think there is more to effectiveness then to limit it to just individual physical performance in a control space or environment. In other words, I am talking about student evaluation of effectiveness in a dojo. Martial arts (synonymous with Aikido) is dependent on group dynamics.

If you don't have a training partner you can't practice. In that sequence of thought, if you only have one partner, you therefore limit the scope of your training experiences available; equate to knowledge and skill.

In contrast if you expand the scope of your training to include others and their experiences, you therefore increase your training experiences exponentially. The greater the training dynamic as a result of the contact with others increases both the knowledge and skill bases of all individuals. The more the merrier.

The interpretation in evaluating ineffectiveness or effectiveness, as they go hand in hand, based on a comprehensive scale rather than a minimal scale. Effectiveness is beyond both skill and skill set performance evaluation of any one individual. Determining what is effectiveness and ineffectiveness in a dojo is trumped by the value gained from the group training dynamic. The more people you train with, the more they offer. Therefore, the more there is to exchange with in all areas that the martial arts offers. Ineffectiveness is best determined by the scope of training partner experiences in and out of the dojo, and not solely on the individual's skill set performance.
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