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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Yes, but the topic is about martial ineffectiveness, or conversely effectiveness.

I agree that there are many benefits to a practice of budo in reference to the many great examples you give.

I don't entirely agree however, that as citizens we should allow ourselves to simply hand over our responsibilities of martial power and force to society or institutions simply because they ask us too, or we have painted a perspective that we have evolved to such a degree of civility that there is no longer a need to understand or possess martial competence.
Exactly. A democracy is supposed to allow everyone feedback in decision making. Some of the most crucial decisions are how a group of people are going to deal with violence, either inside the national community, or outside. If average citizens are not capable of facing and reflecting on the realities of violence, then they cannot make good, or even marginally competent decisions on the governance of same. I agree with what you say about turning over responsibility to institutions simply because they ask us to. Institutions are made up of people who have made some common agreements, or in a Boydian sense, share a common orientation. I think the problems arise when particular factions capture an institution and tilt its operation to their specific goals and objectives which may no longer reflect the common good of the people who have nominally accepted the institution's orientation. We might say that those who have captured the institution do have a common orientation, but theirs is to their own self-aggrandizement and personal profit.

Part of the problem too is what happens when members of a community no longer understand the principles of reciprocity and obligation, because it is from those fundamental building blocks that a community can prevent institutional capture. That tension, between personal and institutional loyalty is a longer topic, and probably beyond the scope of this thread. It is, however, part of an article I'm working on right now that will go out next week. Kind of appropriate that I found myself reading your post this afternoon.
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