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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

Yes, but the topic is about martial ineffectiveness, or conversely effectiveness.

I agree that there are many benefits to a practice of budo in reference to the many great examples you give.

I don't entirely agree however, that as citizens we should allow ourselves to simply hand over our responsibilities of martial power and force to society or institutions simply because they ask us too, or we have painted a perspective that we have evolved to such a degree of civility that there is no longer a need to understand or possess martial competence.

I think there is a balance. I think as budoka you take on the roll, or should, of that of a warrior. It does not mean you need to walk around with a big stick or gun or be paranoid, a survivalist, or aggressive.

I think it does require you to think, understand the nature of violence, our society, how fragile peace really can be, and at some level realize the triggers of when you must stand up for something...and when not.

The institutions want you to become a passive sheep they can control. It makes life easier for society and manageable.

Having the courage to be an active and engaged citizen is important. It can be voting, protesting, military service, volunteer work, or any number of things that are important to you to promote.

However the luxury of peace we live in must be protected at the base level by the people and not the institutions and governments. I have seen too many bad things in areas where this is allowed to happen.

Budoka have a responsibilty .

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