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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

Reducing down Japanese martial arts and aikido to only a way of fighting omits a wealth of other knowledge and experiences broadening and enriching the practitioner. Worst of all, it renders the greater effectiveness of martial arts.

The world is a big place, I can't reduce the world to my little sphere of existence. Having that said, most of us who are taking Aikido, for example, don't need to prepare for battle, We are not soldiers who will go to war. Our daily lives don't dictate we must rely on the effectiveness of our training for self defense.

The bulk of martial arts teach as technique isn't effective any more warfare combat. Being aware of many types of modern wars from drug wars in Mexico to large scale wars of Africa and the Middle East, modern warfare techniques are favored. Martial arts are not used as they where when they came into existence in ancient times.

In our daily lives, for most, we have the luxury of not being attacked at any instant no matter where we go. We have police to protect us. We have a favorable societal structure, allowing us a freedom to live our lives without the constant need to use self-protection from violent attacks. If the decision is made to pursue a path of martial arts fighting, it is granted as a choice by way of fighting venues, not as a requirement for daily living.

The living topography of modern life not being consumed by the need for self protection allows greater freedoms to peruse interests. In turn, people then focus on their well being beyond combat needs. Our needs change. Martial art purpose changes to fulfill our other purposes. For examples, to exercise mind and body. To broaden our horizons. To be in something with other people; eliciting friendships, learning about ourselves and others. To fulfill our spiritual, moral, ethical needs. There are a myriad host of other areas in the human experience (including the tangible and abstract self defense) martial arts / Aikido offers benefits outside the combat experience.

Modern martial arts, and Aikido in particular are a great opportunity to expand a person's life in many areas. Because of that, martial arts/ Aikido has a greater appeal to a wider swath of society. All sorts of people from different walks of life, different backgrounds, different reasons to join a class. The result from a diverse population is sustainability of the martial arts as a whole. Therefore, delineating the greater purpose and effectiveness of martial arts - IMHO

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