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Re: Do you fold your Sensei's hakama?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
many moons ago, i went to a seminar where, besides the teaching sensei, i was the other asian. after class, everyone was folding his/her/its hakama; the entire floor of folks was folding. i walked into the dressing room, took out my hanger, and hung up my hakama and walked out. folks looked up and saw me with a hakama hung on the hanger and a grin on my face. it's kinda like you go to a chinese restaurant in the US, and all the western folks use chopsticks and the asians use folks and spoons.
My Sensei keeps his on a hanger as well, but I've been told that the kyu ranks all fold hakamas during summer camp and none of the yudansha fold their own, so he has been letting me fold his for practice. So far, I have determined that I should start apologizing to whomever owns the hakama I touch, because I am really lousy at it.
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