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Re: Ahh..Seagal...a site you should be wasting time on

Ashley Hemsath wrote: View Post
I certainly have no plans on attacking him to test his Aikido any time soon. But I do wonder about his demonstrations. It seems odd that he usually (From what I have seen) has an uke that is a lot smaller than he is. I'd really like to see him up against someone his own size or larger.
It's funny, I always thought his height would be an advantage, but when I had mentioned it, he instantly corrected me that it was something that he had worked to overcome.

Now watching him, it is clear how small he makes himself to overcome this 'advantage'. Watch him closely and you will see what I mean. I do remember seeing him work with a guy that was about 6' 4 and noticing that Seagal Sensei did not seem to 'sink' as much in technique.

Very interesting when changing points of view.

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