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Re: Ahh..Seagal...a site you should be wasting time on

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I certainly have no plans on attacking him to test his Aikido any time soon. But I do wonder about his demonstrations. It seems odd that he usually (From what I have seen) has an uke that is a lot smaller than he is. I'd really like to see him up against someone his own size or larger.
An aikido demonstration is not a combat sport competition.The uke is taking the falls because the techniques would break his arm if he wouldn't.The size of Steven Seagal sensei is...huge,but that's not his fault.We can't assume that he uses his weight and height just because he was born big.Haruo Matsuoka sensei,the small Japanese uke Seagal sensei had in his earlier demonstrations is now a 5th dan aikido teacher who is throwing his bigger uke on the mat,using the same techniques and style that he learnt from his teacher Steven Seagal sensei.So "up against someone his own size" is a little out of place in a martial arts demonstration.It belongs to the world of fighting sports...
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