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Hello there.

You sound like a very straight forward person and knows what he is talking about. I agree with what you said 100% and would like to throw in my 1 cent worth on one point only.

Aikido as practiced in most dojos nowadays is NOT Aikido as O-sensei envision it. They only tearned Ai-Do and not Aikido meaning they only go through the motion of the technique and the Uke cooperated otherwise no way in hell Uke can be thrown. Hence, many other martial arts considered Aikido is just something for show and has no effective fighting value. In reality this is far from the truth. Have you seen how small O-Sensei is and how powerful he is. There is a reason for that. It has been said that O-Sensei demonstrate the same technique differently everytime when he teaches. Reason, his main focus is not on the technique. His main focus is on developing ki, principles of yin and yang, ground path, spiralling etc. of which almost none of his students grasped. Majority of modern day Aikido senseis do not understand either, let alone teaching it. You need to find an Aikido sensei that teaches how to use Aiki to dissolve attacks and Dan Tien, yin and yang, spirally etc. to generate power otherwise you might as well forget Aikido.

Wing Chun uses the same theory....yin and yang and what we call aiki etc. when they practice "sticky hands". As a matter of fact,.all martial arts uses the same theory/principle/practice because our bodies are constructed the same regardless of size.
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