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Kevin wrote:
I have never deliberately punished anyone I was training with, and I've even trained with people who have made direct, explicit verbal threats to me on the mat. No amount of macho posturing or general assholery (not that that's what you were doing) would cause me to lose it in the context of practice. I think dealing with difficult people and striving to maintain training discipline in the face of emotions or motivations such as vindictiveness is an important part of training.
Thanks. I appreciate hearing that. I was pretty sure that you didn't actually mean to that you intended to teach me through pain, but, you know ...

I've been thinking more about the 'high pain threshold' thing. It's certainly true that I have a very high pain threshold. It's certainly true that I've been injured on occasion because feelings that should have been interpreted as pain by my system simply weren't interpreted that way. Now, I may be unusual (and unusually stupid), but it's certainly true that people have different pain threshold and different kinds of responses when that threshold has been crossed. I guess I'm just repeating what Alfonso said in post #4.

Yours in Aiki
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